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Frutos de mi tierra Colombia

Frutas y verduras que sean parte de la canasta familiar Colombiana. Mercados rurales, plazas, carreteros, palenqueras y vendedores en las calles. No mercados modernos ni restaurantes gracias por compartir y divulgar lo linda que es Colombia. Eventualmente este sera un Board para otros publicar tambien.

Streets market at Cartagena

Very fresh tomatoes and eggplants

Selling Fruit on the streets of Cartagena250277

Páramo Verjón Bajo - Descubriendo 7 Tesoros Naturales en Bogotá

Páramo Verjón Bajo - Descubriendo 7 Tesoros Naturales en Bogotá

It takes seven to 14 these cocoa pods to produce one pound of dry cocoa beans, which are used to create the sweet treat we know and love.

Cacao (Theobroma cacao) | Rainforest Alliance

The coffee zone is a region of Colombia , including its extension by the departments of Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío, north-eastern department of Valle del Cauca and the entire southwest region of Antioquia. Today, the Coffee Zone is not only recognized grain exporter in the world, but one of the most famous tourist places in Latin America. Large farms, hotels and cultural parks are visited daily by thousands of visitors from around the world.

#colombia interesting fact: A Colombian worker selects flowers at Unique Collection farm in Cundinamarca department, Colombia. Saint Valentine’s Day 2013 will be coming up with 500 million Colombian flowers sold, mainly exported to the United States. This major annual holiday generates 10 thousand additional jobs every year, primarily in Cundinamarca, where 76% of the export flowers are grown. For My handmade greeting cards visit me at My Personal blog: stampingwithbibia...