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Activities: Algebra Tic-Tac-Toe...Pretty neat for solving equations or inequalities! ... I love the multi layered element of it... Regular tic tac toe is boring by the time students get to algebra, but this doubled version could be interesting. It still seems like a worksheet designed as a game to me, but perhaps I could turn it into a Hollywood squares type game?

Algebra Tic-Tac-Toe

The Marshmallow Challenge. A great team building activity for the first days of school! Watched it in action, all types of students get involved! Love it!

Live. Love. Math.: The Marshmallow Challenge - Day 2 Activity

Never Pay for Redbox Again! I knew this, but it's nice to have the codes all in one place.

Free RedBox!! Limited Supply!ltltlt---

Finally a way for kids to understand domain and range from a graph? Visual/foldable activity so they can see the limits of the function.

Math = Love: Algebra 2 Interactive Notebook Pages for Unit 1

I love this poem and have used it for many years in my classroom. I usually have to remake it every once in a while. I have to say that I like this one a lot.

End of the year awards using candy bar wrappers! So many to choose from!!!!

Going out with a BANG! Last 10 days of school... each balloon has a special activity. Everyday you pop one balloon to find out what it is! (work without shoes on, eat lunch in the classroom, switch seats day, etc.)

Graphing Linear Equations - Full Body Style - Put a grid on the floor. Post an equation on the smartboard. One student is the y-intercept. Other 3 Ss in their group step out the slope. Race to see which group can get the line the fastest.