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"Union Soldiers, 1864: Mathew Brady and his studio artists would create over 10,000 images of the American Civil War. (Photo Credit: Library of Congress)."

Faces of the Civil War — Photo Galleries

Two views of Spangler Springs on the Gettysburg Battle Field

Then & Now - Spangler's Spring | American Civil War Forums

General Lewis Armistead The best friend of Winfield Scott Hancock of the Union army. Armistead's division was the confederate division to breach the bloody angle at Gettysburg. He was attacking Hancocks division. Hancock was wounded Armistead was killed at Gettysburg. Served in California together before the civil war. Both exceptional leaders of men. Arimistead's Uncle was the general of Fort Mc Henry during the Battle of 1812 and where Francis Scott Key wrote our national anthem.

Russian WWII veteran celebrates victory day 65 years later

"Stonewall" Jackson's forage cap. Museum of the Confederacy

In actual numbers, African-American soldiers comprised 10% of the entire Union Army. Losses among African-Americans were high, and from all reported casualties, approximately one-third of all African-Americans enrolled in the military lost their lives during the Civil War.

The American Civil War: Historical Novel Setting

Of all the soldiers that died in the American Civil War, 2 out of 3 were from disease. Of these diseases, diarrhea killed the most as the camps that men lived in were lacking in sanitation. After diarrhea, typhoid and lung inflammation were the next deadliest as men and boys who had lived their entire lives in one town were all of a sudden exposed to people and germs from all over America.

story (U.S. National Park Service)

Gypsy Family arriving at Ellis Island, New York, August Sherman photographer, 1912

The Burning of the Colored Orphan Asylum (Library of Congress) New York Draft Riots 1863 Civil War

Irish in the American Civil War

Ragpickers Row Alleyway at 59 Baxter St Five Points

Civil War CDV Major General Winfield Scott Hancock by Brady.

Scene in Pleasant Valley, Maryland; Staff of Union General George McClellen, circa 1862

Mary E. Walker, M.D.: First woman to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor (Civil War)

Troop positions, Afternoon April 6, 1862. Confederate battle lines become confused during fierce fighting, and Grant's men instead fell back to the northeast, in the direction of Pittsburg Landing. A position on a slightly sunken road, nicknamed the "Hornet's Nest", defended by the men of Brig. Gens. Benjamin M. Prentiss's and W. H. L. Wallace's divisions, provided critical time for the rest of the Union line to stabilize under the protection of numerous artillery batteries.

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William Grose (December 16, 1812 – July 30, 1900) was a lawyer, politician, author, and brigadier general in the Union Army during the American Civil War. He served in many of the important campaigns and battles of the Western Theater, earning a reputation for being "always seen where the bullets flew thickest." Grose was born in Dayton, Ohio, to a family with strong military ties.

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Gen. Edward O.C. Ord, wife and child at the residence of Jefferson Davis. In the doorway is the table on which the surrender of General Robert E. Lee was signed. Photo taken in 1865.

Civil War 1861

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Daguerreotype Attractive Young couple

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3 Darling Children Nicely Attired Civil War Era CDV Photo Rockford Illinois | eBay

Illinois Civil War CDV | eBay