Great ideas for the back yard! :) amy_muckelvaney

M M Christmas Story: Ive never seen this before, what a GREAT idea!!!! education

NTSD (ShowDisplays) on Twitter

9 Ways to Create Bed Frames Out of Used Pallet Wood - Pallet Furniture

Stone PAVERS become stone PLANTERS. Cement planters can be so expensive. This is brilliant!

Pour the rice in a glass bowl, dropped a few drops of food coloring right on the rice and mixed until well blended. Once blended, I poured into my jars by color. Add a tealight. Done!

Hanging space above the dryer. Someone was THINKING! Would love this!

Edible Easter Basket... Clever Idea!!! The Peeps remind me so much of my grandma!

This blog has tons of gift basket ideas....with fun printable tags too!

Anniversary Card Idea: one mini envelope for each year together to write a favorite memory from that year. Could use for any occasion!

This is freakin genius!!! Get a cheap shelf from Ikea. Attach a mirror and cork board and put it on top of a lazy susan (also from Ikea). I can do that!

Hilarious! "This is your Birthday and to show I care, I wanted to get you something to wear…I wasn’t sure of your size, and money is tight, and buying the wrong thing just wouldn’t be right… So, I’m giving you something I know you can use; It’s almost as useful as a new pair of shoes. Now every time you sit to pee, I know that you will be thinking of me! So, use this gift to dry your tush, Then make a wish before you flush."

Spring idea...or could do for any season. Foam wreaths are a buck at Dollar Tree.

TO DO: Remember to use birthday cake sprinkles with tea lights in a votive as table decor.. cute for birthday decorations, could adapt for Halloween and holidays as well...

Orange You Glad It's Summer - an orange bag with orange soda, cheetos, reeses pieces and other orange items..... Last day of school gift for teachers? Or a fun surprise for kids when the come home from the last day?

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