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Dora Quilts: Tutorial: Replacing a Treadle Sewing Machine Belt

Dora Quilts: Tutorial: Replacing a Treadle Sewing Machine Belt

Singer Patcher 29k Leather Sewing Machine

Singer 31k15 overview, and Adjusting an Old Sewing Machine

At the end of video mentions when timing may not appear to be correct but is.

Hatstruck Couture Millinery: How to Sew Millinery Straw Braid by Machine

Sewalot Presents the Dresdenia chain stitch hat making sewing machine by...(Actually it's a millinery/hat straw braid sewing machine).

  • Serena Lindeman

    Hi there I have a chainstitch machine and it has a guide on it so braid can be sewn in spirals, I use it to make braid hats. A really useful feature of it is that if I sew a mistake I can pull the thread and it unravels. It has a guide to regulate the position of the braids so they overlap at the perfect width. Thank you for sharing yours.

  • Lee Duncan

    Hi @Serena Lindeman you're correct. I also have the braid foots, some for wider braid and one for fine braid. Both are adjustable but the fine braid foot has a lip to account for the finer braid. I noticed that this one is a straw braid machine because it has a tipper on it. I wouldn't mind having this one. It's lovely.

  • Lee Duncan

    @Judith M, yes it is.

3- Corner Sewing Guide / Gauge: Used for a wide variety of edge-stitching or top-stitching applications. Three different positions to guide your sewing. Straight edge stitching, curve edge guide stitching and small curve guide for sharp curves. Comes with 2 thumb screws to attach this guide to your sewing machine bed.


Singer Featherweight 221 Tip of the Month

▶ Willcox & Gibbs Chain Stitch Sewing Machine- Threading, Treadle Brake & Locking stitch end - YouTube

Antique Hamilton Beach AC DC Vintage Fan Motor in Original Box Attachments | eBay

Sewing machines (1922)

  • лариса гнатюк

    Спасибо ,Очень интересно .А сегодня вы на каких машинах работаете мне ,очень хочется знать и особенно увидеть хотя бы на картинке.

How to Service your Vintage Sewing Machine | "Not Yet Published"

vintage L. Bulasky model #802, 1920's hat making machine.


    I've seen one of these l bulasky locally but i don't think it has a motor like this. curious about getting one it seems like a cool machine for sewing hats

  • Lee Duncan

    @Chris Cote Riesner This is a setup machine not a straw brad machine. Motors will vary, whatever you want to put on it, heavy duty or something like this.


    Could you explain further about it being a setup machine? Haven't really found much information on these speciality hat machines and am interested in them for my hat projects

  • Lee Duncan

    @Chris Cote Riesner I don't how long this message has been here, but the setup machine is used for sewing brims, sweat bands, etc.

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