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Photoshop Etiquette redesigned their site! Every web designer should take heed to these pointers!

Duo-tone Daily Drop Cap poster, by Jessica Hische.

HTML&CSS - Design and Build Websites. Or, in other words, finally a web design book that isn't crazy technical so graphic designers can actually start caring about why code is important. :P (via @tranxtine) $29.99

I've cursed myself by wanting designer furniture. Stunning. Damn you, Craigslist. Herman Miller Magic Chair_One

Because really, people silhouettes and a horse > varying degrees of holes. $16.90

OCD Chopper! ... or, chopping board for designers, ho ho!

Topographic notebooks. Each altitude is 200 pages.

Donald Glover x Spiderman.

Jason Munn designs beautifully simple, poignant and often witty posters for various artists. This one is for Flight of the Conchords.

Flight Of The Conchords - Poster - JASON MUNN

7 Deadly Sins rings by Stephen Webster. This is ALL sorts of awesome. Click through to view the rest; my personal favorites are this (Wrath), Pride and Envy.

Stephen Webster launches The Seven Deadly sins

Absolutely gorgeous series of vintage-inspired travel posters, entitled "Art & Soul of America," currently on sale at Too bad I just bought some map posters ;( In case the link dies, original site here: www.andersondesig... $28

Very cute tie! From Intwined :) $60