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This may be one of the best gifs from the show.

THYME LORD oh the puns


Star Wars - Return of the Jedi by Any Fairhurst *

There's a leek in the boat.

cosplay of the wacky waving inflatable tube man- I don't know why this is so funny but OOOOH IT IS

I admit it, I was entertained. Haha x c {Pacific Rim}

"Winners and Losers" T-Shirts & Hoodies by PurpleSparklies | Redbubble // Firefly

Top Gear meets Daft Punk

This is actually probably the most legit personality test I've seen on the internet (speaking as a psychology major)

I love this movie. I just can't get over the fact that James McAvoy is playing an ex-musician turned gambler, has shaggy hair and these grungy clothes, doesn't have a cute British or Scottish accent and yet still manages to be insanely charismatic. I mean, WOW. <<< I seriously LOVE this movie!!! And might I add he's super cute in this movie too.

*SPOILER ALERT* That Moment On Sherlock When Everyone Watching Just STOPPED LIVING For 10 Seconds…