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Create a baby play tunnel from a cardboard box and tights for sensory play and gross motor skill development!

{New Recipe} All-Natural Edible Slime! No cook recipe that's ready in less than 5 minutes. Feels and acts just like traditional slimes without any chemicals! From Fun at Home with Kids

How to keep a child busy for hours in the summer: DIY: Giant Ice Cube Awesomeness - filled with plastic animals, dinos, and such. CONTROLLED DESTRUCTION!

Introducing.... THE GLUE SPONGE! You just cut a sponge to fit in a container, pour glue on it, and the kids can just press their little cut-up pieces of paper on it. No more globby glue puddles!

Tablecloth playhouse or fort. Store in a drawer when you're not using it. Such a cute idea for kids. Who doesn't want a play fort. it wouldn't take much to make one of these and decorate the way you want.

Just choose what you want in them (apple sauce, yogurt, ect.) Sooo much cheaper than buying the throw away packs! BooginHead Squeez'Ems Reusable Food Pouches (2 Pouches)

Toddler activity with playdoh, spaghetti noodles and cheerios. Good for fine motor skills and keeps them busy for a long time!

This is awesome!! Peter Pan outline cut out and put on top of lamp shade. I will do this for my children =)

5 Things to Do in Your Baby's First 24 Hours to Help Ensure Breastfeeding Success

Nap Nanny - Helps your baby sleep. Helpful for babies with colic, reflux, gas, cold and the flu.

A great collection of books for smart, confident, and courageous girls--elementary age.

I can't stop laughing!

Casual princess clothes- I LOVE this idea for trips to Disneyland when its not comfy to wear an itchy princess dress all day.

Homemade Decal Eyes 2 by RubyconCream, via Flickr