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Central Oregon Gardening & Outdoor Ideas

Central Oregon Gardening can be a challenge; but, we can also place other outdoor items within our garden as well...come check it out!

Peony Organic Bulbs

Peony Collection (Set of 4)

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3 fall gardening tips to have the greenest lawn, and most beautiful flowers in the spring.

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Great idea for entryway!

Family Rock Garden - Natural Keepsakes - The Gardening Cook

Succulent balls.

succulents are so beautiful damnit

How To Turn a Pallet Into a Garden

She Looketh Well . . .: Super Cool Garden Project

#DIY potting bench! this would also work good with a narrow shelf on top of it (to look like a hutch sort of, for misc) would love this on my back deck.

Thrifty Decor Chick: DIY Potting Bench with Dad

plants that repel misquitos

ATTN...Bendites of Central Oregon...the deer LOVE be aware:) They are already eating one of mine in the yard that is trying to grow.

Thumbs up! Russian Sage...deer resistant and it's purple....beautiful! My experience with them is they are slow I would recommend buying one the size you are happy with first.

09/09/14 Hydrangea in the I gotta go buy some mulch to help keep her warm this winter.

09/09/2014 Here is the hole I dug for the Hydrangea. It's about a foot deep. Pot will go in and then I will fill around mulch to help keep her warm during our brutal winters here. Crossing my fingers.

09/09/2014 So this summer I have decided to experiment with Hydrangea to see if it will last a winter here. I currently have it in a ceramic pot. I have dug a whole in a spot where it likes and then plan to cover all around with mulch and top it with burlap to help keep her warm. I will let you all know next year how she comes out. I love Hydrangea's. Oh..and they don't like their roots being disturbed so this is why I am keeping it in the container.

  • Nichole Wolf

    I'd love to see the outcome of this and try it myself next year if they survive. Fingers crossed :)

  • Flower Bugs

    Thanks Nichole...We love these, they are soooo beautiful and they antique well too. It is always such a challenge for us here in Central Oregon, so it's always trial and error here. I do know that Bend does have warm and cold pockets. The area I live in, I am assuming is a warmer pocket because I am able to grow Ice Plants. I do recommend Mulching here for sure!!! Hope this helps and happy gardening Nichole:)

  • Nichole Wolf

    It is hard here, I've had great luck with my roses though Thanks a bunch! :)

  • Flower Bugs

    I have had good luck with roses too, so long as the deer don't come by and eat them. LOL:) I have to put invisible netting around the roses. Then to help keep my roses warm during the winter, I use my rabbits used cedar bedding and throw on top of the soil. It seems to work. Neighbors roses died?

Inspired by yard art and my creeping charlie. Creeping Charlie...THUMBS UP!

THUMBS UP! Sweet Basil...I tried this summer to grow here in Bend. Did great! I plan to take the leaves off and place them into an ice tray filled with olive oil and freeze them. Then during the winter when you wants to make a homemade stew...plop in a basil ice cube.