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Central Oregon Gardening & Outdoor Ideas

Central Oregon Gardening can be a challenge; but, we can also place other outdoor items within our garden as well...come check it out!

Update...08/03/2014 Garden you can see she is filling in pretty well, I do though need to clean up around her. I added Russian Sage as a backdrop behind her to give my little garden area here some extra privacy. This area will eventually be where I do my writing.

Cork for plant labels

Cork as plant labels

house numbers ona big rock that's at the front of the driveway, facing either side of the road, by the mailbox. or, one that says our last name & one that has the house number.

One way to keep the deer from eating your beautiful flowers...lolol! greenhouse building plans | ... pdf download how to build a greenhouse plans wood with quality plans

THUMBS UP! Red Creeping Thyme - Fragrant & fast-growing 1" tall ground cover. Perfect with Sedums, KnockOut Roses, Ornamental Grasses, Daylilies, & Gaillardia.

This is pretty cute!

Ideas for a succulent garden - these plants are so easy to maintain - #DIY #Garden #Ideas

ASK THE EXPERT | Succulent Garden | I SPY DIY

DIY Concrete Garden Globes - Make your own concrete garden globes using old glass light shades!

DIY Concrete Garden Globes | The Garden Glove

Fill a round balloon with water and set outside until almost frozen through. Run hot water over frozen globe until balloon pops off. Pour out unfrozen water from inside and insert a tealite. Makes a great walkway accent.

Ice Globe Lantern Kit Refill

TESTING 05/22/2014 Alyssum are beautiful annuals that are fragrant. I have also been told my the garden lady at Fred Meyers on 3rd that the deer will not bother them and that they are great in handing baskets. I am putting these to a test. We will see:)

THUMBS DOWN! 05/22/2014 This Crocosmia failed to come back. These are so pretty too! Darn it!

Every garden needs it's Hummingbird! Purchase a Hummingbird feeder and make your own mixture. Mix one quarter cup of granulated sugar and one cup of water. Boil, let cool and then add to your Hummingbird feeder.

THUMBS UP! 05/22/2014 Cactus grow here in Central Oregon. A neighbor cut some right out of her hill of cactus's and I planted right in the ground. Added some chicken and hens next to it...very pretty!

TESTING...05/22/2014 Sweet Basil...planting from seed to be placed in my windowsill to keep the fruit flies and fly's away. It is also used in Italian Cuisines as well.

THUMBS UP! Salvia East Friesland. I planted this in the summer of 2013 and it has come back. Very deep purple color and is very showy.

THUMBS UP! 05/22/2014 This will be the second year as I planted these last year. They are called Salvia East Friesland. Very deep purple color.

Meadow Sage Salvia nemorosa 'East Friesland' : HGTV Gardens

THUMBS UP! 05/22/2014 Salvia East Friesland has come up. This will be it's second year. Deer resistant too!

05/22/2014Testing to see if I can grow this tree from the roots it has produced from it's base. I can't recall the name of this tree but I will find out, lol.

THUMBS UP! The General Sikorski that I placed in front of an ugly Juniper tree. It has not bloomed yet but when the general does, he is sure to show his color....purple! Excellent for Central Oregon! Oh, and if you notice in the picture...these are the only two roses I have in my yard that is fenced off with that invisible fencing around them so that the deer wont eat them. It's the only way to keep them away in my opinion.

THUMBS UP! This is what the Peonies look like in bloom....oh yes, pretty in pink! I am in heaven:)

THUMBS UP! This is a Peonie I have in the yard and does wonderful here! The deer have not touched these at all. If your looking for something that mimics roses....I would recommend these for sure! They may take a year or so to start blooming so give them time.

Update: 08/18/2014 one died and one survived! TESTING: 05/22/2014 Unknown species of Lavender...closer look at the center of the shrub. I can only hope it survives, we will see as it is being tested.