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The Skinny Gourmet: Ten Mistakes New Herb Gardeners Make (and How to Avoid Them!)

Favourite "Gardening" activity with this great Grass Heads. Learn about planting, seeds growing etc, whilst having crafty fun.... and then you get to cut the grass hair again and again and again.. fabulous "growing" project!

Plant wooly thyme, creeping thyme, "little prince" thyme, and elfin thyme between cracks in the cement. Awesome! ♥

This class is using the sand box to grow vegetables. I love how they are using student created labels to id plants.

TUTORIAL: newspaper pots to sow seeds in and get them started. The pots are super easy to make, free, and earth friendly. And once your seedlings are old enough to move out on their own you just pop them into the ground -- paper pot and all.

Tips for growing a Veggie Garden with Kids from The Artful Child.

Interesting way to plant tomato's. I plant mine deep like that but have never had to add all that additional stuff. I suppose if your soil was very poor this would be quite helpful.

Strawberry boxes - hinged lids covered with hardware cloth let pollinators in and keep bunnies et al out.

Wet newspapers and put layers around the plants overlapping as you go; cover with mulch and forget about weeds. Weeds will get through some gardening plastic; they will not get through wet newspaper. Good composting!

How to correctly store produce, from Apples to Zucchini. Most of your produce will last weeks longer.