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DIY Cookie Basket Made From A Paper Plate

re-purpose pistachio shells into flowers!

Spray Bottles DIY Project

DIY: Snowflake ballerinas

DIY PVC Pipe Wreath from Home Depot's Style Guide #FallStyleGuide

CANT WAIT TO CHECKOUT!!! Poppy Seed Projects-inexpensive source for frames. They have a website!

Cute way to make tight t-shirts wearable again. (this is such a good DIY idea)

95 inch curtains made with a hot glue gun & shower curtains

Light bulbs wrapped in twine...what a nice way to recycle burnt out old-fashioned bulbs and they make beautiful pears!

DIY stuffed robot I love it!

Seriously?! -- Vinegar works as a wood stain when you add a metal object in the mix and let it sit in a glass container for a week.  A handful of pennies will produce a beautiful pale Caribbean blue stain.  A wad of steel wool will give you a rich reddish hue.  A combination of tea and a metal object in vinegar will produce a black stain. Log this away for later.

a whole website devoted to diy crafts using materials from the dollar store. i.e. inexpensive!

It's funny how much money we spend on stuff we can make ourselves. - I present 31 incredibly easy and clever DIY projects... Love the no sew pillow case!

embroider a trip on a map and then frame it

BEWARE crafty people...this will suck you in! There is 1000s of crafts on here!! WOW!! So much to do!!

Put a glow stick in a balloon for pool lanterns. Pool party on a Summer night!

cut an old sweater sleeve to use as a sock look-a-like without the lumpiness in your boots