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Doodle Bear 1990's toys, I had one!


Pieces of super cool 90s jewelry. Nice sunflower/cord choker. Do you have the matching hair clips, too?

34 Pieces Of Super '90s Jewelry

Best of 90s (BestOf90s) on Twitter

Best of 90s (BestOf90s) on Twitter

Zomg Platform Sneaker in White old...taking me back to the 90's Baby Spice from the Spice Girls lol.

'90s Girls I got in a fight in middle school for one of ridiculous is that lol

371 Reasons Why Being a '90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off

You were a kid in the 90s if... you had at least one or more scented body glitter spray perfumes

25 Ways To Tell You’re A Kid Of The ‘90s

The typical day of a teenage girl in the late '90s...this list is hilarious...and totally true

The Typical Day Of A Teenage Girl In The Late '90s

DIY bracelets with beads- wavy bracelet crafts for kids – Pandahall

DIY bracelets with beads- wavy bracelet crafts for kids

links to old disney channel original movies. I will never be bored again. Thank you thank you thank you.

We use to have a ton of these!! I had a spur green Apple one I wanted to make sure lasted FOR- EV- ER.

Favorite lunchbox and thermos to this day...still remember hitting a girl over the head with it when she tried to steal my pineapple juice (which I didn't even like....just the principle of the fact!)

OMG! I need all my friends to click this link. It's full of all my favorite 90's things!

lisa frank!! #90s my girls loved this line of products when they were small! wish I could find it for my granddaughters!

dont tell mom the babysitters dead, I know it is a 90's movie but since it was my favorite childhood movie I shall put it here

#TBT Throwback Thursday... 80s and 90s kids

marker stamps I loved these!!