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Succulent/ Cactus garden

Neon Mini Plantersherb garden pots Tillandsia by RedwoodStoneworks, $12.00

Plum Purple Hippopotamus Planter Mini Modern Art by CoastalMoss, $20.00

Yellow Lizard Planter Mini Modern Art Air Plant by CoastalMoss, $13.00

Neon Pink Crocodile Planter Modern Art Centerpiece by CoastalMoss, $65.00

Succulent Plant Haworthia Fasciata Succulent by SucculentOasis, $5.50

Cactus Plant Large Grafted Moon Cactus by SucculentBeauties, $8.99

Live Set of 2 Cactus with Flower Easy to Care by 9GreenBox, $8.99