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Hibiscus Tea Popsicles with a hint of cinnamon and ginger -- sweeten to taste with stevia or xylitol, and enjoy these fun red popsicles anytime on any phase!

Awesome Smoked Salmon Frittata for Phase 2 - Thanks to 4-star chef (and FMD-er) Mike Niewodowski for this finalist recipe!

Smoked salmon frittata for Phase 2 - Haylie Pomroy

Roasted Summer Vegetable Soup for any phase -- super easy. Just roast veggies (try bell pepper, onion, and/or cabbage for Phase 2) and blenderize with broth and spices (skip the dollop of sour cream)

Roasted Summer Vegetable Soup

Balsamic-Basil Salmon Spread - enjoy as a dip or lettuce wrap for Phase 2 (without oil) or Phase 3 (as a sandwich spread, too). Use nitrate-free smoked salmon.

Healthy, Easy Weekend Recipe: Balsamic 'n' Basil Salmon Spread

Small Batch Recipe: Garlic Dill Refrigerator Pickles — for those piles of cukes at the farmer's market (or taking over your garden) -- great on any phase.

Spicy Bean and Cucumber Salad makes a fresh, cool side dish or snack for any phase -- including anytime on Phase 2. Sweeten the dressing with about 10 drops of stevia instead of honey.

Spicy Bean and Cucumber Salad

Family dinner for all phases: Beef Kebabs on Skewers made with ground beef and great spices. Just leave the zucchini off of the veggie skewers for Phase 2.

Family Dinner: Beef Kebabs on Skewers

Slightly Spicy: Stir two sliced cucumbers and two seeded, sliced jalapenos into 2 quarts of ice water for a quencher with a kick.

25 Flat Belly Sassy Water Recipes

Quick Steak with Cucumber-Radish Salad for Phase 2 (without oil) and Phase 3. (Just skip the sprinkle of cheese at the end.)

Steak with Cucumber-Radish Salad |

Grill party! Margarita Pork Tenderloin is juicy, zesty, and perfect for all phases of the Fast Metabolism Diet. Thanks to Gina Roberts of Kiddler, Mo., for this finalist recipe.

Grill party! Margarita pork tenderloin - Haylie Pomroy

4 Ways to Use Leftover Herbs (including that basil that's overtaking your garden right now!)

4 Ways to Use Leftover Herbs

Citrus Cilantro Grilled Chicken for all phases (leave out the oil for Phase 1 and Phase 2)

Citrus cilantro grilled chicken

Ginger Lemon Gummy Squares make a fun Phase 2 snack! Reader Julie Helscher developed these cool treats and made the finals in our recipe contest. Get the recipe from our blog.

Zingy! Ginger-Lemon Gummy Squares - Haylie Pomroy

3 Day Sun Pickles Recipe - No canning required!

3 Day Sun Pickles Recipe - No canning experience needed!

Ridiculously Easy Radish Hash Browns get caramelized around the edges and really satisfy that craving for a breakfast potato! A finalist in our recipe contest, from Mary Springer of Charleston, S.C. Check out our blog for the recipe.

Ridiculously easy radish hash browns - Haylie Pomroy

And the winner is ... Spiced Turkey Burgers, perfect for any phase! Get reader Sarah Kyllonen's prizewinning FMD contest recipe on our blog.

We have a winner! Spiced turkey burgers - Haylie Pomroy

Garlic scapes (the sprouted tops of garlic) are a fleeting delicacy, only in season from mid-May through June. Use these mild veggies on any phase, as you would asparagus or scallions -- chopped up in scrambled eggs, blended into hummus or sprinkled in vinaigrettes. Check out this Fine Cooking article for more ideas.

Recipes using garlic scapes -

Healthy Asparagus and Smoked Salmon Bundles -- simple snack for Phase 2 (without oil) or Phase 3.

Snack Smarter: Asparagus and Salmon Bundles

5-ingredient Lemon Thyme Lamb Chops - grill these up fast for Phase 2 (use lean chops and no oil) or Phase 3.

Italian Meatballs from our newsletter -- loaded with veggies! Makes a bunch, and they're great on any phase (they freeze well, too)

  • Lana Bodiford

    Made these, chopped all veggies by hand...took 45 minutes but the outcome was worth it. Excellent!

Grill up these quick Spice-Rubbed Pork Tenderloins on Phase 1, and enjoy leftovers for Phase 2. Get the recipe from our newsletter.

Cool, creamy Rhubarb Mousse makes a luscious Phase 2 dessert. Get the recipe from our newsletter.

The Best Ever! Tex-Mex Chicken Fajitas for all phases. Saute the veggies in broth or water instead of oil for Phase 1 and Phase 2.

The Best Ever! Tex-Mex Chicken Fajitas

Ginger Lemon Detox Water - this simple drink works wonders if you're bloated! Good for all phases.

Lemon Ginger Detox Drink | Nutrition Twins Nutrition Twins

Easy Poached Fish Fillets - simple for any phase. Sub arrowroot for the cornstarch. For Phase 2, try extra celery or green beans in place of the carrot.

Campbell's Poached Fish Fillets Recipe