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"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Is this really the best way to get our kids to listen? There maybe a better way...without the power struggle.

When "Look Me In the Eye" Doesn't Work - Dirt and Boogers

THE GOLDEN RULES. PRAISE and rewards: The best rewards are attention, praise and love. Sweets, treats and toys are not necessary as rewards. A star chart or a special outing can back up a pattern of good behavior. Consistency: Once you have made a rule, don't change it for the sake of a quiet life or because you're embarrassed. Make sure that everyone - which includes caregivers and your partner - keeps to the same rules as well. Routine: Keep your home in basic order and maintain a routine....

This is the best Family System I've ever used. Changed our home. Love the levels and my kids love that it's hands on with flipping their magnets. Earning tickets is very motivating and easy to manage. I've learned a lot about each child through the family store. You will not regret this purchase!

Great links and free printables for chores, anger managment, rewards,behavior charts, discipline, etc... to use at HOME and SCHOOL!! Great links and great advice!! Lots to read and print!!~Julie:)

They are listening. 19 things we need to say to our children consistently - one of the best lists I have seen... Sometimes we just need a little reminder.

The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers: Reclaiming Our Passion, Purpose, and Sanity by Meg Meeker,

How to Handle "Backtalk" and Why! Great for parents & educators dealing with behavioral problems #education

How to fix your child's attitude - sweet and simple tips to bring peace back to your home. via The How To Mom

discipline/behavior idea (for when they are older)

Most kids want to start helping when they are 2 or 3 years old. Below is an infographic that includes creative ways for your children to help clean up. We’ve broken it down by age and have included some other facts about chores, too. We hope you find this helpful!

Quirky Discipline Rules That Work. I LOVE the 8pm Rule. Who am I kidding, I love them all. Some of these can be used in the classroom as well.

7 Discipline Mistakes All Moms Make - and how to fix them. I REALLY, really like this advice. Every mom should read.

12 Steps to Stop Yelling at your Kids | The Orange Rhino Challenge

30 Ways to Raise Confident Kids -- I love the "Don't Embarrass", "Manners", "Hard Work" and "Pick Good Friends" points. There are some good ideas here .