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Haystack Rock. Cannon Beach, Oregon. By Robert Landau.

St. Louis Arch, St. Louis, Missouri

Jackalope Statue in Douglas, Wyoming: Douglas is the­ self-proclaimed "Jackalope Capital of the World" because, as the tall tale goes, pioneers first spotted the legendary critter in the area in the 1820s. The city pays homage to the beast with a statue built in the center of town in 1965 and an annual festival. Jackalope hunting licenses are even available through the local chamber of commerce, but only to those whose IQ is more than 50 but less than 72, and the season is limited to two

Fremont Troll Statue in Fremont, Seattle, Washington: Like a postmodern Brothers Grimm tale, a gigantic concrete troll lurks under the Aurora Avenue Bridge in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood, mangling a Volkswagen Beetle in its massive meat hook. That location had been increasingly littered with junk before the troll was built in 1990 and the Fremont Arts Council revitalized the area.