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Anytime your hands go above your head, your abs are forced to work. Add a dumbbell to the move, and they work harder. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and toes pointed slightly outward. Holding one heavier dumbbell with both hands. Sit back into your squat bending your knees to 90 degrees while keeping your elbows straight, and raise the weight overhead. Lower your arms as you straighten your knees to stand; this completes one rep. Do 15 reps for a set.

Deep Squat With Overhead Reach

Try our 10 Minute Abdominal Warrior Workout! Guaranteed to give you abs after 4 weeks in only 10 minute sessions

Ab workout -

Squat w/ side leg lift Alt Curtsy Lunge Romanian Dead Lift Plie Squat Single Glute Bridge Superman

The Fastest Way to Lift Your Backside

Can't wait to try...elliptical is my cardio machine of choice!


Something I really need to keep on mind

Great tips for working out in the AM... this girl literalyl speaks from my heart... 5 am does come early, but my workout is 10x better at that time than it is at 6 pm. Plus, by 10 pm, I'm MORE than ready for bed after an early workout like that!! Great motivation to keep on moving. @Brittney Sgroi I though this may be a good read for you! :)

This workout focuses on the abs and the glutes. It will tone and sculpt these two areas in 20 minutes!

Printable Workout: Sculpt Session For Abs and Glutes

20 Minute Workout: Legs and Butt


Muffin Top Workout

Muffin Top Workout | Postris

Mix some cardio into your strength training for a short and intense workout.

Bikini Shape-Up Session: Cardio and Strength-Training Mashup

Stretches for Splits and Back Flexibility

Pin it! 3 yoga poses for the shoulders and chest.

Yoga Questions Answered