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70 Pins

the upside of math illiteracy… haha.

Most accurate nail salon impression ever. I have watched this video a hundred times and every time it cracks me up as if it is the first time watching hahaha

Shameful lies parents tell their kids…some of these are actually really good. Oh my gosh, I cried like a baby I was laughing so hard!

Jimmy Kimmel putting a little boy through a fake lie detector test. Watch this.

NOPE. Haha-this is so my husband.

Yes, yes, yes.

Okay, this one actually made me laugh out loud

unicorn bike. this kid is awesome.

How to offend four groups of geeks with one photo.

If Dora were a Movie. I think I literally just died laughing.

If Chinese people got English tattoos…

Hahah - I laughed probably harder than I should have. ;)

Detention slips. Kids these days. Are hilarious. I laughed...but I simultaneously really feel for the teachers who have to put up with it day in and day out!

This guy got a text from a stranger and decided to play along with it! must read! Hilarious <----- this is actually super funny!




Ha ;)

@Cat Crozier Flannery O'Connor >:(