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Barbara Poole

Barbara Poole

Sam Edelman Princeton Bootie

Oh please. If you like buffalo chicken wings, make this recipe. NOW. We just made and ate two whole pans of this. DELICIOUS. Buffalo cauliflower: no points!

Natural Ways To Keep Fleas out Of Your Home

16 Great Uses for Cucumbers – They’re not just for eating! - Includes fitness and beauty tips . . . And not one tip about sex!

Dance like no one is watching. OMG--YES!

Does any of this sound familliar? We're coming out of the worst recession in 50 years, and what are the republicans proposing? Bills that attack human rights, blatant racial blaming, attacks on womens rights, bills that insert more religious dogma into law, .. etc.


George, world's largest dog

the President of the United States not in Cushing but Ripley, Oklahoma how awsome!!! It is sad that people could not be more respectful of their government even if you didn't vote for him he is still the head of this great country,and deserves the respect that is given to all presidents

I love the idea of one BRIGHT piece complemented by simple jeans, neutrals, and gold jewelry