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Yoruba Ade Oba (Oríkògbòfó / Ojewe) (King's Beaded Crown), Nigeria

African & Oceanic Art Auctions - Suche

Africa | Textile Blanket, Chieftan, 19th century | Fulani people; Mali or Ghana | Cotton, wool

Africa | Shawl ~ bakhung ~ from the Berber people living in Douz, Kebili governorate, Tunisia | ca. Mid 20th century | Wool and cotton

West Africa | Wrapper made from two wide strips of cotton; The cloth has been tie, and stitch, dyed, with indigo. Stitch dying is more prominent on the right half. | ca. prior to 1934.

Yoruba Egungun costume, Nigeria

Body suit from the Pende people of Kipita Region, Congo | Raffia | 20th century

masker's garment | Igbo people

Africa | Tunic ~ Gandura ~ from the Mzab Valley, Algeria | Wool; weaving usually done by the wife for her husband, for the winter months | Last quarter of the 19th century

Yoruba Beaded Crowns, Nigeria

Yoruba Ekiti Hunter Tunic Nigeria Africa Museum Exhibit

Tuareg Leather Bag with Fringe Niger Africa

Africa | Men's hand spun cotton wrapper cloth from the Bondoukou area, north east part of the Ivory Coast | ca. 1900

Welcome to Adire African Textiles Francophone West Africa Gallery

Africa | A "Yegue" mask from the Ku'ngang society of the Bamileke people of Cameroon | Natural fiber hood covered in cowrie shells, topped with horns and long braids of hair at the back.

Africa | Barkcloth (lioncloth) ~ 'Pongo' ~ from the Mbuti people of the Iturri Forest, DR Congo | Pouned bark, and natural plant dye | 20th century

Africa | Barkcloth from the Kuba people of DR Congo | These special wraps were worn outside, or on top of, the long dance dresses for added decoration and prestige. | © Tim Hamill

Africa | Ndop or Ntiesia/Ntieya Cloth from the Bamileke or Bamum people of the Grassfields area of the Cameroon | Handspun cotton, raffia for resist stitching sew dye, indigo dye | 20th century

Country Cloth (kondi-gulei)

Africa | Red wool Tunisian kitfeya that would have been worn around the shoulders of the women in times past. | It has cream cotton woven designs and some black woven striped background

Ethnic textiles - Tunisian textile/TT114 Details

Africa | Vest from a Shamanic Medicine Man from Nigeria | Woven canvas structure with several different talismanic containers, mirrors, metal and shells affixed to it

Africa | Tuareg Camel Bags, Decorative Leather Work. Niger | © Charles O. Cecil

54_350_3_Nomads.jpg | Cecil Images

Africa | Vintage Shoowa Raffia Skirt Kuba. The Congo.