xray images to print for Doctor Play for kids

A visit to the medical clinic in your dramatic play area. Some tips to find some cool and real items to add to your props.

4x6 x-ray photos. Print them, laminate them, and use them for the dramatic play center (hospital theme)

Apples and Handwashing: "We put a clean apple slice in one jar. We passed another apple slice around the class as we came in from recess with dirty hands. We have been observing the two jars in the science center. This is the difference after 8 days - gross! (This picture doesn't really show the mold.)" - A great way to teach about germs.

Dental theme preschool centers

These teeth definately need some brushing! Take some laminated tooth shapes and draw "sugar bugs" on them with a dry erase marker. Give the children a tooth brush and let them "brush" the teeth clean! keep scrolling down if you want to see exactly what she did!

Terrific Teeth Scissor Skills and a couple more freebies

Students write about a time they got hurt (Ouch Stories). Use bandaids as artwork when they publish their stories. Cute!

Inspired Montessori and Arts at Dundee Montessori: I got an X-ray at school today!

Making Casts from Playfully Learning, a about the project based approach to teaching preschool.

using this for Hero week when we get a visit from a local ambulance service. they will make a "medic bag" Previous pinner wrote: Activities for each letter of the week (Click ABC's at the top) Letter D Doctor Kit

Doctor and Nurse Preschool Pack-free downloadable printables!

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