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Hearses & Funeral Cars

Have you ever wondered as the hearse passes by, why that coach has caught your eye? These elegant, oftimes lavish coaches helped pay last respects to the departed.

Ford Galaxy Hearse (custom mod--this did not see use as a service car)

New York City. A funeral procession through Chinatown. 1905

junipergallery Fine-Art Prints by Juniper Gallery

"Funeral procession on Mott Street," Chinatown, New York City 1905. Hearse is the third horse-drawn vehicle.

junipergallery Fine-Art Prints by Juniper Gallery

January 1939. "Funeral ambulance parked under gin shed. Mound Bayou, Mississippi."

junipergallery Fine-Art Prints by Juniper Gallery

1962 Cadillac Hearse

Another nice hearse!

1951 PEUGEOT D3A Hearse

1951 PEUGEOT D3A Hearse for SALE

1941 Cadillac Eureka Hearse

Beautiful hearse

Vintage hearse

Crane and Breed Hearse | Unidentified museum, possibly Museum of Civilization, Canada.

Victorian Funeral Procession

Harga Motor Terbaru

Bowtie beauties - procars on Chevy chassis - Friends of the Professional Car Society - Official Website of the Professional Car Society, Inc.

PT Cruiser Hearse

1967 Chevy Impala Hearse.

1946 Oldsmobile Hearse/ The bodywork carries all the trademarks of Olding Coachcraft (Sydney)

This is a 1940 Dodge 'roadster' hearse, and is most probably the only one ever constructed. It is believed to have spent its working life in Western Australia. Powered by a flat head six cylinder engine, with a three speed manual transmission. Body builder is unknown.

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