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Hearses & Funeral Cars

Have you ever wondered as the hearse passes by, why that coach has caught your eye? These elegant, oftimes lavish coaches helped pay last respects to the departed.

Hearse Cadillac

Hope & Sons Funeral Homes, New Zealand Restored 1961 Dodge Seneca Hearse

GraveRides Magazine

1926 Chrysler hearse was first registered in Dunedin on 25 May 1927, and after restoration was registered 60 years later on 11 June 1987. The restoration combined perfectly with the Centenary of Hope & Sons Ltd. The Chrysler has been in active service since that time and is still in regular use.

GraveRides Magazine

Hope & Sons Funeral Homes, vintage fleet, and their 1926 Chrysler, which was recovered and restored 60 years later.

GraveRides Magazine

1962 Dodge Hearses in front of Hope & Sons Funeral Home

GraveRides Magazine

Horse drawn antique funeral hearse for hire

1938 Brantford Henney Packard Formal 3-way hearse.

Northland Feature of the Month

A.J. Wynn & Hope Funeral Home, New Zealand , horse drawn Hearse

GraveRides Magazine

Richard C. Kirby, Sr. funeral hearse, circa 1920. Kirby Sr. opened his undertaking “store front” office, in East Boston, MA, in 1906.

Maurice W. Kirby Funeral Home , Winthrop, MA ~ About Us

Westmoreland Funeral Home & Crematory | Marion NC, Old Fort NC funeral homes

Westmoreland Funeral Home & Crematory | Marion NC, Old Fort NC funeral homes

Alfred Roy & Sons Funeral Home, Worcester, MA. Circa 1906 Worcester's First Motorized Funeral Coach

Frank J. Fisher Funeral Home, Mississippi. Vintage Photo of Old Funeral Home and fleet.

Funeral procession leaving O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Home January 18, 2010 with a horse drawn hearse rented from Schlecher Funeral Home.

A&A Walters, Funeral Directors (UK) Our stylish Edwardian style hearse has been custom made to the highest standard for A & A Walters with an array of beautiful period touches. It is a truly elegant alternative to our modern hearse or the horse-drawn hearse and provides a fitting tribute to a loved one on their final journey. A unique vehicle for a unique individual.

A & A Walters Funeral Directors - Funeral Services

Horse-Drawn Hearses | F.A. Albin & Sons | Funeral Directors

Louisiana State Penitentiary: In 1998, inmates built a black, horse-drawn hearse modeled after an 1800s vintage funeral coach for use during the burial rites. It is pulled by two large white Percheron horses. The hearse is driven by an inmate dressed in a black tailcoat and a black high hat. Six pallbearers follow the coach on the road to the cemetery and assist with the burial. Inmate ministers conduct the service.

The Unique Burial Practices at the Louisiana State Penitentiary

Ferguson Funeral Home Museum - 1880 Rock Falls Hearse, an instrumental part of the history of the undertaking business, east of the Mississippi.

Westmoreland Funeral Home & Crematory | Marion NC

Classy Cadillacs - Page 58 - Friends of the Professional Car Society - Official Website of the Professional Car Society, Inc.

A funeral car in Argentina.

1955 Meteor Cadillac combination

1955 Cadillac Superior Limousine style side loader