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They may be popped and low calorie, but they are not healthy! Learn more about them here:

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Cooking with Splenda found to release cancer-causing dioxins in food

I have given it up..have you? NO GMO HIGH FRUTOSE CORN SYRUP IN MY FOOD!

We asked them a simple question: “What foods do you avoid? Experts from different areas of specialty explain why they won’t eat these eight foods. Food scientists are shedding light on items loaded with toxins and chemicals. The experts offer some simple swaps for a cleaner diet and supersized health.

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Food Babe Investigates: How Food Companies Exploit Americans with Ingredients Banned in Other Countries ❤❤

WATCH out for these new "natural" sweetners!

WATCH out for these new "natural" sweetners!

According to the new book Rich Food, Poor Food, ingredients commonly found in up to 80 percent of all pre-packaged foods on grocers shelves in the U.S. have been banned in other countries. www.naturalnews.c...

Michael Moss entered the world of food reporting when he covered a salmonella outbreak in a Georgia peanut factory. He followed up on that theme with an investigation of E. coli-tainted Cargill hamburger, which earned him a Pulitzer Prize in 2010. Around that time, a close source told him, "As bad as these contamination incidents are, there's this other public-health crisis out there that's caused by the stuff we intentionally put it into processed foods, and have absolute control over."

One popular summertime food that you may want to avoid this year is sweet corn, as it may be a GMO product of biotechnology bigwig Monsanto. www.naturalnews.c...

Last March, a third party watchdog group, the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) found dangerous levels of a carcinogen in the caramel coloring of Coke and Pepsi products. www.naturalnews.c...

Many of the products that seem so good are actually just subsidiaries of the companies that were most complicit in blocking #GMO labeling. Some of the quietly owned subsidiaries may surprise you! #grocery #blacklist #votewithyourdollars

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The Codex Alimentarius Commission consists of about 170 member countries that set food guidelines and standards for the world. articles.mercola....

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Argentina's population suffers from the harmful effects of massive herbicide spraying on its genetically engineered soya fields. articles.mercola....