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What a great idea for combining storage and awork station. Small appliances don't have to be dragged out, onions and potatoes have their own bins YET all can be hidden by the simple closing of these double doors.

10 Beautiful DIY Ways to Declutter Your Closet « MacGyverisms

10 Beautiful DIY Ways to Declutter Your Closet

Decluttering and Simplifying Book Collections

Project Declutter - Week 1 - Linen Closet // After

Choosing Gratitude: How To Declutter Effectively

Amen. I am remembering this more and more the older I get. (Of course moving to SD definitely helped. I was forced to get rid of a lot, de-clutter my life and I've never felt so good!)

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Needed more room so I bought one of these for my laundry room. Love how it decluttered the space. Only negative is that it doesn't lay flat against the door so I put my paper towels on the lower shelf and it keeps it from bumping the back of the door. All in all a thumbs up.

I really need to do this. Its sooooo hard though! :( Closet Decluttering Decision Chart : questions to ask yourself when sorting and purging the clothing, shoes and accessories in your closet.

Declutter Your Paper Piles:Organized Mail Create an indoor mailbox in a central location. Set a time to go through the box once a week. Open everything, pay bills, file important correspondence, and recycle junk mail OR one pail for each family member so that when you are picking up, you can just place their belongings in their own pail.

10 Ways to De-Clutter Your Home: If I could do this, I would kindergarten-style picture match every space so Joey knows where things go in the kitchen. ha!