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Jumbo Gragon / David Horvath

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Is this paisley? Paisley-ish? Whatever it's called, I like it.

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  • Rachel Brown

    the common name for the hens that lay these are 'Easter Egg Chickens'. I raise them and sell free range organic eggs. They are so yummy and the yolk is a very dark yellow.

  • Brenda Mullen

    My hens are Buff Orphingtons and they lay the light brown to a slightly rosy brown egg. The bluish ones are very pretty. I've heard of the 'Easter Egg Chickens', but have not actually seen them. Free range organic eggs are the best! My family refuses to ever eat a store bought egg ever again!

  • Colleen MacDonald

    Araucana hens lay a variety of pastel colours! The colour of the yolk depends on the type of food the hens receive. Hens who get greens and table scraps usually have nice dark yolks!

  • Dorothy Cardon-Daily

    natures easter eggs

  • Barbara Chaney

    Looks like my "Grandchicken's" eggs.

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