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A little "It's not funny!" behind every "lol" A little "please help me finish my sentence because I'm not confident enough to speak my truth" behind every "? ? ?" & a little frustration behind every absent reply!

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Only dead fish go with the flow. Using this when my cousin tells me to "go with the flow"

Lies are the number one way to make me not want to speak to you, or to at least not open up... Ever.

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yes complex

Sometimes you don't need to hear their excuses or what they have to say for themselves because their actions already spoke the truth. (They cannot be trusted...ever!!!!)

Beautiful words by Maya Angelou #quote

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"... I just wanted to lie in the grass and look at the clouds" -Jack Kerouac

A good reminder. My happiness is not dependent on others, nor is theirs dependent on me.

You are not to blame for others choices. A choice means the person had options. If and when needed you be the bigger person and NEVER blame yourself for someone else's decisions.

New mom boundaries - New Leaf Wellness


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"And sometimes I just need to be alone,so I can cry without being judged, so I can think without being interrupted, so I don't bring anyone else down with me"

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I keep it all inside quotes dark sad hurt sad quote heart broken

I shut off feeling so easy that I'm scared when one crosses my path

It is what it is....friendships/relationships are a 2-way street, and they're no fun if one person is doing all the work! I've cut many off in my day, including family members! Sorry, your loss not mine.

I know what it's like...I will be there for others

compassion for others

Seriously Fiercely.

Arguing Wisely

Power of Argument

Jeffrey Holland

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I wish I believed this...

INSPIRATION : Tenderness

It's true...

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