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TV and Movies...How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

YES!! Frozen, Rapunzel, Tangled, Anna, Elsa, Cousins, Evidence, DISNEY!

Quite possibly the most british picture ever taken

Once upon a time. Their characters are always gorgeous men.

The Princess Bride... No wonder his character was so great. Love this story.

Will & Grace "balance"

The 22 Most Convincing “Once Upon A Time” Fan Theories

Once Upon a Time Princesses | The Princesses of Once Upon a Time

Regina looks the coolest. xD <<< No it's Rumple.

Charming. Robin. Hook

S5 Ep17 "Rescue Me"

Paul at Paleyfest 3/22/14

Once upon a time in jail? << Hahaha!

paul and ian - tvd KaRo this is SOOOO us!

Cordelia and Wesley roleplay Buffy and Angel. (Angel's next line - "Why don't you both bite me?")

Don't worry, children. If Sebastian can survive puberty, so can you!