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CraftFails & Pinterest Fails

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RumChata Frosting Fail - by @HollowTreeVentures on @CraftFail

Pretty Pom Pom Panic - by @robynHTV on @CraftFail

Bunmi Laditan cake fail on CraftFail by Robyn Welling

  • Alice Koenig

    Icinging a hot cake will do this

  • Patrick Roney

    Hello, I'm really love and interested to join into your board and get good information. Please give me invitation so that I could join. Thank you.

Can you whiten your teeth with charcoal? Well, you can try, and you can get some pretty damn scary selfies in the process.

  • Amy Keller

    You never fail to amuse me with your tests!! Keep it up!! :)

  • Rebecca Weidner

    Be careful, that's the stuff hospitals give you to make you vomit. You'll be vomiting violently for hours.

  • Amanda Rashell

    You wont vomit if you do it correctly you arent swallowing the charcoal for this. And i dont think the capsules she uses induce vomiting since they are meant to be ingested daily

Spider Cookie – a fail from the start. You won't believe why this is such a major #cookiefail (and it isn't just because it's a cookie that looks like it's covered with spiders) - by @HollowTreeVentures on @CraftFail

A Trim-A-Rim For Naughty Notes - @Toulouse and Tonic turns a simple craft into... a smutty craft. by @HollowTreeVentures on @CraftFail

Yes, let's clean the couch with something smelly and flammable. (It works, though, for real.)

That’s One Big Baby Hat! A #knittingfail written up by @HollowTreeVentures on @CraftFail