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Crafts: School Auction Projects

Student projects like this beautiful chair can turn into big-ticket items at a PTO or PTA auction.



Newspaper city skyline Art Auction Projects

Wine raffle idea-Have a few expensive bottles mixed with cheaper wines New twist. Great fundraiser idea!

A great example of a classroom project! All students participating, each students fingerprint identified in the key below, creating a contemporary, universally appealing piece with a whole lot of sentiment! "Kindergarten Class Auction Project - Chicago Skyline -- finished!"

5th Grade JPIIA Class Auction Project "Woven Friendships" This one of a kind watercolor masterpiece was created by all 25 5th graders! Each student applied different watercolor techniques to their individual strip. The strips were then woven tight together - just like their friendships - to form this beautiful piece of art!

Legacy project made collaboratively by graduating students as an installation in the school. Love....could do something like this with all those yard sticks.

Liberty Special Projects

Bake Sale Secrets Revealed! (The Silent "I") There are some really good tips here! They raised over $9K for after Hurricane Katrina & sold out of all their items- so I think it's worth reading the advice!

Bake Sale Secrets Revealed! (The Silent "I")

How To Run A Successful Bake Sale

How To Run A Successful Bake Sale

Organizing a school carnival is a feat of organization and passion for kids having a good time. Combine the two, and you'll achieve magic. :)

Running Your School Carnival

waldorf school auction items bird canvas collage

school auction items

school auction items puppet theater - bidding war - sold for $2000

school auction items

School auction idea: fruit of the spirit plate - idea from Ceramicafe in clackamas, OR

School auction idea: ceramic plate -each kid draws a sun. Love the use of background color on this one

School auction idea: ceramic plate, each student makes a heart - source: ceramicafe, clackamas oregon

School auction idea: ceramic plate, fingerprint lion mane

School auction idea: ceramic birthday plate - candles are fingerprints and decorated by student

School auction idea: ceramic fingerprint tea set

School auction idea: ceramic plate ant fingerprints

School auction idea: ceramic spider themed popcorn bowl

School auction idea: ceramic fall leaves platter