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bathing suit cuteness, omg so cute!! If I ever have a little girl she will not wear a 2 piece until she is like a teenager, I think it's so gross when people put their kids in bikinis when they are babies and toddlers and so young!!!!

I have stated so many times how much I want a little boy to watch ride little KTM 50's but pinterest reminds me I'd be okay with a baby girl as well... Maybe a boy first then girl... Fingers crossed -W

funny pregnant tshirts

Tips for how to dress through an entire pregnancy. Will be happy pinned this someday!

200 ways to bless your child with a happy childhood...the little things count

How in the world to register for your first baby! An experienced mom's tried and true list of what you REALLY need. for future reference.

my future kid is gonna look SO HIPSTER :)

5 Ways to stay chic on a budget during pregnancy - cute ideas

A Real Arm Saver – DIY Infant Carrier Handle Cover. Wish I would've had one of those!