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Heather Pool
Heather Pool
Heather Pool

Heather Pool

welcome to my neck o' the Pinterest woods.

Amazing Portraits Made From Thousands of Hammered Nails by David Foster


Yankee Stadium History- August 3, 1958 convention total 123,707 in attendance.

  • Heather Pool

    my mom was at that convention! her dad and brother both were baptized there. and her little sister got lost and put in a all-children-lost-and-found! hahaha!

  • Teri Lareaux

    My grandparents were both baptized at that assembly.

Here, have some fun…

I seriously almost peed I was laughing so hard and my husband thought I was nuts.

Funny Friendship Ecard: What did the ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing they just waved. Did you sea what I did there? I'm shore you did, Beach.

20 Genius Life Hacks To Simplify Your Everyday Tasks And Make Your Life Easier.

Sisters be like... Jw humor