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Woman washing. Found photo. Germany

Adolf Hitler’s designs for the nazi symbol (1920).

Our spirits swallow the Sun

prev pinner note: British soldier delivering pigeons to trenches of the Western Front, c.1916

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"Row upon row of stretchers cover the decks of a Coast Guard LCT bringing out wounded from France. These American and British soldiers fell somewhere between the beachhead and Cherbourg as Nazi defenders sought a high price in casualties for every yard they yielded. The wounded are being transferred to a Coast Guard assault transport which will carry them back to England for hospitalization.” June 1944. (US National Archives)

I actually did not know this about Hurrell! I always wondered how he managed to get the stars so flawless looking...

Berlin, Aug. 13, 1961, fleeing from the Eastern side of the street

All this technology is making us antisocial

  • Mary Stancliff Pal

    Haha when i was a kid, my dad wad reading the paper or watching tv, my mom was cooking or cleaning or talking on the phone, my sis was listening to music, i was playing or what is the difference

GEORGE WASHINGTON'S DENTURES “Dr. John Greenwood fashioned a set of dentures of hippopotamus ivory and gold wire springs and brass screws holding human teeth. Greenwood left a hole to accommodate Washington’s single tooth. When Washington finally lost this tooth as well, he gave it to Greenwood who saved this cherished item in a special case. “All of Washington’s dentures caused him pain and produced facial disfigurement”

‘Waterloo Teeth,’ as they were known, referred to any teeth stolen from the mouths of dead soldiers in the 19th century, and was a term even employed during the Crimean and American Civil Wars. Body-snatchers followed armies into battle, and returned home with bagfuls of teeth which they then sold to dentists and surgeons for a very high premium.

Dead Men's Teeth: A History of Dentures

Choirbooks from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The book is large enough for the entire choir to read from one book. Once the printing of music became easier and more commonplace, choirbooks fell out of favor, replaced by smaller, cheaper, and easier to handle books. A choirbook was a major investment. At larger cathedrals choirbooks were sometimes lavishly decorated and illuminated.

Cecile Cowdery drew on the envelopes of letters to her husband during WW2: "After my first colorful envelope arrived, Ray let me know it had drawn a lot of attention from the other soldiers. From then on, I dared not let up! I drew those scenes to help him feel special. While other soldiers got “Dear John” letters, my man was assured daily by my sharing of remembered things from back home."

Couple’s wartime correspondence was stamped with love — Reminisce

Expert leggers Daniel Jinks and Ernest Wood. The two men demonstrate the process of 'legging' through Barnton Tunnel on the Trent and Mersey Canal. Early canal tunnels had no tow-paths, so to propel the boat through the tunnel two people had to lay on their backs on the boat, and push the boat along using their feet on wall of the tunnel. The Barnton Tunnel was over 500 yards long.

In New York City, 1944, piles of Christmas packages meant for American Servicemen who have been listed as missing or killed in action build up and await a Return to Sender stamp.

The bad old days: 1950s West German border police (left) stare down the East after a young woman makes it across the line #history

Man Sweeping Floor of New York Stock Exchange after Crash. 1929.

Man Sweeping Floor of New York Stock Exchange after Crash