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  • 1,627 Pins

Burgsteindorf, Germany, German women on their way out after a screening of the film "Atrocities: The evidence" about the Horrors of the camps, 30/05/1945. The conquering forces of the British army forced the local population to watch films about the horrors commited by the Nazi government. At the same day, around 4000 residents of the village Burgsteindorf were forced to watch a movie containing scenes from the liberation of Bergen-Belsen and Buchenwald

Shooting the MGM logo, 1924

Shooting the MGM logo, 1924

Russian soldiers sleeping with a puppy in Prague during World War 2

Prisoner stares with no fear at Heinrich Himmler, one of the chief architects of the holocaust and chief of the gestapo.

Compelling Photos That Will Change You

Sorry Abraham Lincoln wasn't a 1800 Ghostbuster nor was he a vampire hunter. its easy to see it was fake, here is the "original" photo next to the FAKE photo. An extremely rare photograph of President Abraham Lincoln taken during his brief yet memorable stint as a paranormal investigator and eliminator circa 1864.~

1955 "Operation Teapot" atomic test dummies.

Studying c.1940s

Vintage Swing Dance Photo

Pulp International - Fifteen shots of 1930s swing dancers

Swing Dancing! #vintage

Jitterbug c.1940s

BOOKTRYST: Dancing With the Stars in Hell!

London Dance Marathon, 1940s

School dance, 1940s

The Edwardian School Gym •

Exercise at a girls' school

Girls exercising on bars against the wall, Charlestown High School, Boston, 1899

The Berlin Wall

Construction of the Berlin Wall, 1961 | Contact Press Images

Diapositive dal mio cassetto

Woman washing. Found photo. Germany

Southwest Airlines Air Hostess, 1968.

Schoolbus sleigh, South Winn, Maine,1925.

Schoolbus sleigh, South Winn, 1925

Adolf Hitler’s designs for the nazi symbol (1920).

Our spirits swallow the Sun

prev pinner note: British soldier delivering pigeons to trenches of the Western Front, c.1916

OnThisDay & Facts (NotableHistory) on Twitter

English soldier watches the no man’s land. Somme 1916.

All the people is fetichistic.

"Row upon row of stretchers cover the decks of a Coast Guard LCT bringing out wounded from France. These American and British soldiers fell somewhere between the beachhead and Cherbourg as Nazi defenders sought a high price in casualties for every yard they yielded. The wounded are being transferred to a Coast Guard assault transport which will carry them back to England for hospitalization.” June 1944. (US National Archives)