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12+ Ideas of What To Do With Extra Eggs - The Healthy Honeys

12+ Ideas of What To Do With Extra Eggs - The Healthy Honeys

brooder box for chicks A great idea. One for each of my kids, who will be raising their own chicks and different breeds this spring/summer.

brooder cage | Curtiss Ann Matlock

The "Town & Country" Chicken Coop

The "Town & Country" Chicken Coop

Dog Cage Brooder - what we did last year but it go cramped fast.

Add Garlic to Chickens feed to boost immune systems, control mites, lice, ticks & other parasites. Interesting!

Chicken Coop & Run 6ft x 8ft - BackYard Chickens Community

Chicken Coop & Run 6ft x 8ft

Take these shells and put them on a cookie tray. Bake them off for a about 15 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Crush them and offer them back to your chickens as a calcium source. Recycling! If you don’t have chickens you can compost them. Don’t dare throw them away. That is a waste of a good resource! If you know someone with chickens give them the crushed shells. They will thank you for even the store bought egg shells.

Aviary from old gazebo.

DIY - old dresser with broken legs turned into a fabulous 6 block nesting box for our chickens!

Who would even want to eat such beautiful cookies?

Hen cookies

I saw these cookie cutters on line at The Country Porch.

oh, how lovely it is to keep chickens in the garden

Chocolate silver orpington

Clever! Starts with a carport cover.

DIY photo tut for making a sweet little coop

The Chicken Coop, Part II | Trevor's Projects

Chicken coop

The Chicken Chick®: Integrating New Flock Members-"The Playpen Method"

Integrating New Chickens into the Flock: "The Playpen Method"

Lamb’s Quarters, Chenopodium album, is a wild green that contains more calcium than any other plant studied, according to botanist and author John Kallas. It’s also high in protein, vitamin A and vitamin C. The leaves taste excellent raw or cooked. As a member of the Goosefoot family, it is botanically related to spinach, as well as to Swiss chard, quinoa and beets.


Vintage Farm Trade Sign Fresh Eggs for Sale Primitive Metal Folk Art Old Antique | eBay

Fresh Eggs Daily®: Nesting Box Curtains - Not as Frivolous as They May Seem

NEVER Feed Your Chickens: Citrus (peels or fruit) declines egg production.Spoiled meat or meat in large quantities.Raw eggs are safe, BUT encourages them to eat their own! Garlic and onion are safe, just be aware that if your hens eat these, you’ll have garlic and onion-flavored eggs. Avocado, the fruit of avocado is OK for chickens to eat, but the skins and pits are slightly toxic. NO potato peels, they are toxic. NO beans, salty food or sugary foods. NO chocolate, morning glories & daffodils.