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Anime Pictures!!!

These are other anime picture's that I haven't dedicated to it's own board yet. I think I love Japanese anime too much. Anyone else feels the same as me? --- I love pictures, but sometimes I get carried away. If I have any repeat (double) pictures on this board, please let me know. Thank you!

Light and Kira

We are one by BrET13 on deviantART

Tokyo Ghoul | Toukyou Kushu - Kaneki Ken

緋色の欠片 Hiiro no Kakera :* ♥

Soul Cartel

Soul Cartel 133 - Read Soul Cartel 133 Online - Page 24
  • Dimitrios V. Potamousis

    Yeah she does & it sounds like it'll be a good read!

  • Heidi

    Well if you end up reading it please let me know if it's any good. I'm watching the anime called "Say I love you" right now. Been seeing a lot of pictures on it lately.

  • Dimitrios V. Potamousis

    Alright will do. How is that anime?

  • Heidi

    I first I didn't like it because the guy was popular and took things like kissing as casual. I thought he was a player. But he seems to be now treating his interest more special. I'm only a few episodes into it. I was impressed when he punch another guy friend out for making a move on his girl, only because he seemed to be taking his relationship with her more seriously.

  • Heidi

    She is a quiet girl who doesn't trust people and doesn't want friends because of not trusting. Opposite. Be they so far seem to be making each other better. We shall see. It's good so far. :)

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Soul Cartel

Soul Cartel 133 - Read Soul Cartel 133 Online - Page 16

Undertaker!!! kyaaa~!!! ♥♥♥♥

Kagerou Project | Asahina Hiyori | Kokonose Haruka | Tateyama Ayano | Dark Konoha

/Kagerou Project/#1728586 - Zerochan


/Lynne/#513450 - Zerochan


/Crayon (Song)/#1007546 - Zerochan

Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica | Akemi Homura

/Akemi Homura/#1662473 - Zerochan

Vocaloid | Kagamine Rin

/Abstract Nonsense/#577005 - Zerochan

Cinder fall from RWBY

Akame ga Kill, Akame

Hibari Kyoya by mrsloth

KHR : Hibari Kyoya by mrsloth on deviantART

Superman vs. Goku

  • Gaara

    I'm voting for Goku!

  • Heidi

    Hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually really don't like superman at all.

  • Gaara

    I don't either! He's a bitch

  • Heidi

    I agree. The earth and the sun gives him his powers. He never had to train or work hard to become who he is. That pisses me off.

Mad Father - Dio


Can you make a story scene for the three characters here?

Hellsing Ultimate OVA : All or Nothing - AMV

  • Gutta Nation

    So heidi. Where you're form ?

  • Heidi

    The world of ANIME!!!!!! Currently living in the Hidden Leaf village for a mission to hopefully save Itachi from his fate. Not from the Leaf though, so I have to work really hard to get them to trust me and work with me. But since I'm full of useful intel on not only them and other nations with my ability to get inside peoples minds, hopefully I'll be some use to the Leaf.

  • Dennis

    Just started glancing through your "unseen anime" folder and need to say, versus the excellent titles you have seen, you REALLY NEED to watch, STAT! (Though unfortunately until 9 & 10 are released it's a heart wrenching waiting game for the true ending. (Damn it)

  • Dennis

    And I frickin adore Seras. Almost as much as Revy (Black Lagoon is my absolute favorite, hands down) my ultimate anime crush...filthy mouth and all! :-P

  • Heidi

    *giggle* It looks so good. I'm glad to hear how much you love it! I will definitely have to watch it very soon. Right now I'm working on my new stories on fanfiction and it's taking a lot of my relax time. But I'll check out that anime very soon. Thank you! :D