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unique musical instruments

world music, folk music, crazy decorated instruments... and instruments you never heard of before!

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Practice violin , about 1900

Lyraflugel ~ This type of upright piano was made almost exclusively in Berlin between 1820 and 1850. The Lyraflügel was a fashionable fixture of middle-class Biedermeier parlors in northern German lands. In the period of the Napoleonic occupation (1806–13), the lyre had become a symbol of freedom and liberation. It was popularized in songs based on the collection of patriotic poems, With Lyre and Sword, by the poet Theodor Körner (1791–1813).

Kludge Guitar

Koto Harp Guitar

William Eaton - O’ele’n Strings

Harp Lute England, 1815 The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Hungarian Bagpipes - Musical Instruments Museum - Brussels, Belgium (article)

Clariophone. Attributed to Gebr. Ludwig (?). Date: ca. 1900. Geography: Zwota-Sachsen?, Germany.

Claviharp Date: late 19th century Geography: Italy

| The Metropolitan Museum of Art

giant Balalaika--Russian

Native American Instrument - an indigenous American string instrument. Its a Charango from the Andes.

1770 English Cittern at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Citterns were instruments dating back to the Renaissance. However, in England, they continued to be used for casual music-making well into the 18th century; for instance, one might be kept in the waiting room at a barber shop so clients could amuse themselves as they waited. In that way, they were similar to acoustic guitars today, where many people could play one just for fun.

Cittern (English guitar)

Tanjore Tambura (male) Date: early 19th century

| The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1848-1852 American(?) Apollo lyre at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - It's interesting to see, looking back over the years, just how much experimentation went on in creating the musical instruments we know today. For instance, this is the only known "Apollo lyre" in existence - according to the curators, "The upward-pointing handles produce pressure and suction to sound a diatonic scale, as in an accordion or harmonica."

Coffee Tin Ukulele

I liked this design on #Fab. Folgers Coffee Tin Ukulele

One of the oldest preserved harps in the world, is from Scotland. This harp, dated 16th century, similar in design to the Brian Boru Harp of Ireland, is ornamented with gems and has a geometric relief carving on its column. It's in the National Museum in Edinburgh.

Anita Carter Introduces The Guitaro

Round piano made for Target commercial played on by Alicia Keys

MATRIXSYNTH: Target Stores Keyboard

Really Weird Musical Instruments: HOLOPHONOR

7 More Really Weird Musical Instruments

flutes get bigger.

Straighten the neck, place on other side and it would be a cool design for an electric violin!

White Guitars, Menehune 22-String Harp Guitar

Strings Bow Harp, really looks more like a giant bass

*Sarangi (1900) ~ A beautiful full sound and a close proximity to the melodic flexibility of the human voice make the sarangi the most important bowed instrument of classical Hindustani music of northern India and Pakistan. A rigid horsehair bow (not shown) rhythmically sounds the gut melody strings that cross over an ivory elephant-shaped bridge (bara ghurac).