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Club Soda + Raisins = An easy "dancing raisins" science activity.....and who doesn't love a dancing raisin. PS - I will not make my pals wear goggles when we dangerously drop raisins in our La Croix.

How To Give Your Kid The Best First Day Of School Ever #kids #school

How To Give Your Kid The Best First Day Of School Ever

Anna's K teacher at a homeschool co-op did this with her class and she loved it! Doing it with my boys soon. :-)

Kids Home Made Arts and Crafts by Pink and Geen Mama

Reading Punctuation chart

Reading Punctuation chart

1000 Life Hacks For me when the kids homework gets too hard for me to help them

1000 Life Hacks

This would be a great way to learn and practice contractions with lower grade students! I think I would give them this activity in the spring and give them one or two contractions to learn each week. At the end of the unit I'd make all their pages into a contraction book!

Contraction Flower Project

Cupcake Contraction Sort. Students can use this activity as an opportunity to learn what exactly contractions are. Art is used through choosing colors (warm/cool) to make their cupcake and designing it as they choose. Along with art students learn language arts and reading to learn what exactly each contraction is and using art to learn them. Grades 3rd to 5th can use this fun art activity.

Cupcake Contraction Sort

Super easy and fun water science experiment! All you need is a roll of waxed paper, some drinking straws, water, and a spoon or water dropper. See the site to get suggestions for how this experiment demonstrates surface tension and the bonding of water molecules.

Water Drop Races

The best educational websites for elementary schoolers

Online learning sites for elementary school

Spelling Pin 1: This activity is for introducing words to young students. It requires them to match the letters and put them in the correct order to spell the word. For students who may find it too easy, then the teacher can give them a blank card instead and verbally deliver the the words for them to spell.

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: Clothes Pin Words

Choose an operation - add or subtract - differentiated worksheets

This is a really yummy way to teach Matter, teaching matter with root beer floats! Love it....Common Core & So Much More!

Diphthongs are two vowels in which one sound glides toward the other, digraphs can be vowel pairs or consonant pairs that make one sound

Teaching Time to Kids…