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Hermione Costume for AG doll by JessiesGirlClothing on Etsy, $25.00

Arts and Crafts for your American Girl Doll: Harry Potter Robe for American Girl Doll

American Girl Doll Harry Potter- Cho Chang Custom Doll, Clothes, Trunk, Potions, Books ++ by KateLaurenDesigns, $350.00

NEW Black Harry Potter Crest Tee for American by LostinaJungle

Nymphadora Tonks Blouse Jumper and Scarf by DressMeMagic on Etsy, $45.00

Nymphadora Tonks Red Coat by DressMeMagic on Etsy, $45.00

American Girl Hogwarts Outfit


A variation on our twig-and-glue 18" doll wands- the twig-and-glow in the dark dimensional paint 18" doll wand. Off to Hogwarts!

Luna Lovegood's Sun Dress by DressMeMagic on Etsy, $40.00

Ginny Weasley's Yule Ball Gown by DressMeMagic on Etsy, $45.00

Rita Skeeter's OstrichTrimmed Green Suit by DressMeMagic on Etsy, $35.00


Ravelry: School Sweater for 18 inch Dolls pattern by Liese Brouwer

School Sweater for 18 inch Dolls pattern by Liese Brouwer

CUSTOM ORDER for JOAN Hogwarts Uniform for by dollupmydoll on Etsy, $40.00

Professor Sybill Trelawney's Dress with by DressMeMagic on Etsy, $45.00

Harry Potter inspired wizarding robe by GomunkCreations on Etsy, $16.00

American Girl Doll Hogwarts Uniform {Delightfully Creative}