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Darling A/W 2012 - GET COZY

When the temperature drops, we crawl under doonas, sip hot chocolate, layer cashmere with silk and cotton. Trade the beach for the couch, red wine and puppy snuggles. Butter on toast. A warm fire at the country house. Get Cozy, Darling's collection of cremes for Autumn/Winter 2012 is inspired from all the things we love about the cooler months, as well as the bright, saturated colours we crave towards the end of hibernation. Snuggle up...we'll take good care of you.

SAY NO TO CAMELTOE - Really, there is no excuse for this anomoly caused by ill-fitting underwear and too-tight clothing in the ladybusiness region. This polish, however, is perfectly acceptable - nay, lovely - and we feel there is no better way to show your support in ridding the world of abominations like that. Seriously, just say NO. (Caramel / camel high-gloss creme.) $18.95

SAGE ADVICE - Don't do this, don't do that; don't buy this, don't wear that. Here's our sage advice: you'll never regret buying this greeny-beige beauty, and there's noone who will tell you any differently. If they do, they probably live in their parents' basement or something and don't get out much. (Sage-y green beige high-gloss creme.) $18.95

MORNING ROMP - No-one should be asking you if you had one, but there's nothing to stop them thinking it, right? That's what we thought. (Dark dahlia pink high-gloss creme.) $18.95

MILLIONS OF PEACHES - You know the song. The polish is way, way better. (Peachy-pink high-gloss creme.) $18.95

MAX - This green is totally badass, just like the girl who inspired it. (Deep green high-gloss creme.) $18.95

LET THEM EAT CAKE - Marie Antoinette, eat all the cake you want. Or whatever. We'll be over here, painting our nails. (Dusty rose high-gloss creme.) $18.95

IN THE NAVY - The kind of colour that's approved by mothers, fashionistas, governments and The Village People alike. Ahoy there, sailor! (Deep navy high-gloss creme.) $18.95

HOT DIGGITY - You know, like the mustard. Hold the ketchup. (Named by the hilarious Blake) (Mustard yellow high-gloss creme.) $18.95

GANACHE - Just like that third piece of birthday cake from Jacques Torres...except, we wouldn't recommend actual consumption. Make sure you remind your boyfriend of that, too - he might not know the difference. (Dark chocolate high-gloss creme.) $18.95

FIFTY - Write a couple of e-books, sell the film rights for a million buckaroos. There's a lot of shades of grey, but this one is our favourite. (True grey high-gloss creme.) $18.95

CHANTERELLE - Heather's husband hates mushrooms, so it's ironic that his favourite out of this collection is named for one of the prettiest fungi in the world. (Orange-peach high-gloss creme) $18.95

AU CHOCOLAT - All you need now is some marshmallows and woolly socks. Peignez vos ongles, mais s'il vous pląt ne mangez pas vos doigts. (Milk chocolate high-gloss creme.) $18.95