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The diy crazy complicated friendship bracelet! I used to make these constantly when I was a kid :) ...

Ocean water recipe: lemon lime soda, blue coloring, Swedish for summer.

Fill eggs with paint and toss them at canvas. Add it to the summer bucket list!

Fresh fruit, coconut water pops. This is so easy. Wish I would have thought it myself;)

Momma's Fun World: 3 Egg science experiments/ because any science experiment that ends in an explosion of any sort is just plain awesome!

How To Make Bubble Art - Add ink or dye to bubble and blow onto paper to create cool bubble art. My kids would love this!

best site ever for square patterns, minecraft, melty beads, plastic canvas, crochet possibilities are endless

Mom knows how to get the house cleaned

Book of questions to give to elderly loved ones- awesome idea! I think this would make a great gift to our grandparents on our wedding day, with a special emphasis on marriage and family questions

10 outdoor activities. Great ideas for family reunions or block parties

Roundup: 10 Fun DIY Backyard Entertainment Ideas

101 Almost Free Things to Do With Kids This the 60's we were simply told to go outside and PLAY on most days, we went swimming in the afternoons after mama had cooked ( I never ate a sandwich lunch or fast food), we helped pick and shell peas when they were ready, we did flash parents: you don't have to make everything in life "fun".

Cootie catcher with art questions... would be great for aesthetics or criticism questions!

Milk Art. All you need is milk, food coloring and dish soap. This year in Chemistry I got to test out this project, but my group did it wrong and it didn't come out right. I would love to try again and make a complete piece of art out of it. The colors flow however they want and you can't control it. It's art just the way it is made.

NIKERBOCKER: Bam! Minecraft shoes! My son would die for these! Might have to DIY :)

20 things a mother should tell her son...x's 3 for me! ♥