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People who sell guns assist crimes? MORON!! Wait, you probably voted for Obama and are for gun control and Obama care, too huh?

I need these. I can't find a parking spot on a daily basis because someone doesn't know how to use only one.

Douchebag: Never understood this saying. May as well been tampon, toothbrush, or toilet bowl brush...

I am lds. I feel that unfortunately this especially true of members. We're told to love, have charity, and not judge, but as a whole, members need to work on accepting this.

THE biggest brain fart in existence.

How To Marry A Millionaire, Lauren Bacall-"People take more time and effort studying the kind of car they want to buy than the person they want to marry." Tell me this isn't true.

Oh Betty, thank you

Some people are just dumb as a friggin rock

What is it about being in a car that all of a sudden everyone forgets their manners? Just think, if we only behaved like we would when we are in line at a store or something we wouldn't cut people off, run in front of them to the register, ignore someone who needs help, ram your cart up someone's butt because they're not going fast enough for you and so on. So what you are in a car, MANNERS ARE FOR EVERYWHERE!

Once I was acting like a man, then I realized I was a slut