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Things That Make Me Happy

LOLZ HUMAN I Was Up Fighting Evil By Athletic Black Small T-Shirt

Chibi Sailor Moon by DeadPeppermint

Chibi Sailor Moon by DeadPeppermint on deviantART

sailor moon - the princess of moon by zelldinchit

I felt like doing something lineless. Made specifically to fit in with photoset guidelines so that you'd get a feel of its length and the distance between the two. It's the red string of fate anchoring the two together.

Sailor's Anchor by voracioussketching on deviantART

Buru Buru Dog - San-x

noodle doodle: Tapir= Tape-ir

She didnt think it would come to this, swinging high above the earth, detained by a pudgy blonde thing. And yet, here she was. Here she was.