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Inspiring Art

"Hand Illustrated and Later Printed Envelopes: 1883 (Nov. 13th) envelope from Huntingdon to Newry bearing 1d. lilac at upper left and with a fine pen and ink illustration of a frightened young girl standing by a tree and being approached by a somewhat disturbing fantasy figure."

Friends by Kollage Kid, via Flickr

Angel Wings two 8 x 24 canvas On the Wings of Love II collage art Treasury feature. $150.00, via Etsy.

Thyer Machado - bird mail art

1897 -1900 envelopes (all Dec.) to 'Miss Meyer' in Bristol,hand illustrated, the first with a clever coloured picture of a hand pointing out of a tear in the envelope (some cover imperfections), and the second depicting a sailor carrying a trunk on one side of which is written the address with the stamp

Sea Mail Lord Marmalade mail art

Tera's Mail Art! (Spectacular mail art sent to me by my dear friend Kattera22)

isavirtue: mail art. Make envelope with old map-- mixed media.

isavirtue: mail art

Mail art

great way to use all my recycled stamps!

Envelope Art. (I don't care for the lettering or the sentiment expressed, but the trees and stars design is lovely.)

most elevated (part 1 of 3)

Mail art. So much better than emails or texting.


mail art envelope...Graceful Envelope Contes

pictures of mail art envelopes | Mail Art Envelope Design

Blog -

Mail Me Art is a project that has brought together an international community of artists and illustrators, amateur and professional alike, through art in the form of mail. The posted package itself is the work of art and, unlike a traditional letter or parcel, it is intended to be received and admired for it’s own sake.

Творческий проект «Mail Me Art». Конверт как арт-объект

Mail Art : make beautiful letters to friends

watercolors by Geninne....#mail #art #watercolor I know her work anywhere - and love it all!

3D art project 1 :) Created with wire and tissue paper soaked in gel medium

Lauren Blais-USA brooch - fur silver " I have always collected obscure objects throughout my life that hold sentimental value to myself while others may find them curious such as bugs, fur, hair, old family photos, letters, jewelry and linens. Basing my jewelry on these personal objects allows me to create something permanent that can be passed on through generations creating a new history of its own"

Obscure Photography by Kyle Thompson

♥ Obscure: Fabio Selvatici

Matej Andraž Vogrincic created the installation "When on a Winter's Night a Traveller" at the Melbourne GPO for the 2005 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.  The installation was composed of one thousand umbrellas suspended over the atrium of the GPO.  At various times a cloud of mist would form over the umbrellas, obscuring the far side of the building.