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Beautiful Grey Hair and beautiful women

Thinking about grey hair, I have been letting my own greys grow in since Feb to bob or not to bob, that is the question

I don't think my hair color will look like this since my natural color is dark brown, but the idea of no layers is intriguing.

trying to ignore the angry look on her face and imagining that style on me....

  • Daniel L.

    Yes-- I'd lay odds it was her husband.. He probably wanted to have her in a natural hair thing. She's a nice looking woman but she opted out and now colors. lol.. Daniel

  • Arik Besser

    She is mad because her child is going to marry a dope and she knows through experience that their marriage will not last.

  • Daniel L.

    Thanks Arik.

I'd like to know what product is used on this looks smooth and shiny.

Keli Gregg Hofacker - GGLG

An example of a woman who makes her silver hair part of her general style, with silver/silvery jewelry and clothing in shades of black and gray.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan Ponytail 25 07 11 by Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, via Flickr