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Walking on Raw Eggs Science...will they crack? Amaze your kids with this simple egg experiment

Skeletons Preschool Science. A great explanation on how to explain and teach your children about the skeleton. By LessonsLearntJournal

A custom "made to fit" dress form of your very own! How brilliant! I had heard of this-must make one some time! Great little tutorial!

Gifted is not always a gift: interesting look at the challenges of educating a gifted child

Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Rose Ceremony. why yes, we could do this at home!

Adventures at home with Mum: Stack Up Cup Game - 100 Day Challenge

Home School Curriculum living lightly - Waldorf based home school curriculum, peaceful parenting and teen esteem Cape Town South Africs

Homeschooling inspiration!! Little House: Beginning to prep for 1st Grade!

Balsam Wood Bridge We engaged in a very hands-on experience to explore motion, gravity and force in its many forms. Topics covered included: Galileo's study of motion and pendulums, the acceleration of gravity, Newton's 3 laws of force, momentum and its conservation, and Newton's derivation of the universal law of gravity using Kepler's laws of planetary motion substituted into the equation for centripetal force. videos www.summerfieldws...

This has been an amazing study. Butterfly Study (geared toward ages 7-10) Lots of links and fun resources.