Goodbye penny: 12 things to know as we say so long to Canada's one-cent coin

Community Calgary – put your pennies to good use for kids in need #yyc

Want cheap beer? Calgary brewery trading penny-filled bottles for brew

This game is very popular in Math Stations....we have learned to trade five pennies for a nickel!

penny tree

If you're still mourning the passing of the lira, the franc or the lovely salmon that use to grace the irish 10 pence coin, here's a way to enjoy a bit of defunct-currency related nostalgia - cufflinks. So gimmicky and such a great gift idea!

Personalized keychain with two pennies. The year you were born, the year you were married, etc. - this is really sweet!

Calgary entrepreneur can’t say goodbye to penny soon enough

Lucky Penny Day: May 23. Ha. This is a funny idea!