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Way too hot.. Protect your hair with this organic and natural hair mask- to nourish, deeply condition and soften your sun ravaged hair. Only $7.90

Antioxidant glow range from Herbally Radiant is brand new. Visit the store at 6600 Sylvania Avenue, Saxon Square Sylvania, Ohio to get this precious sun fighting cream with regenerative power of Vitamin C.

  • Herbally Radiant

    This 88% Organic non fragranced lush and moisturizing cream is full of Vitamin C, Green Clay and high in antioxidants such as Wild Blueberry, Bilberry, Cranberry and Vitamin E, to help you fight the damaging effects of sun. An absolute essential this summer. buy it at Herbally Radiant, Sylvania Ohio.

  • Herbally Radiant

    It is only $14.90.

Protect yourself from Sun this summer