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Surprise criminals

Behind bars when they shouldn't be

42 Pins

Surprise criminals

  • 42 Pins

He just wants to be free

More problems with civil forfeiture abuse - at least this time Nebraska did the right thing!

You can't bake that, the government told 11 year old Chloe. Why? Because it's against the law.

40,000 new laws will go into effect this year?

He always wanted this job.

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Behind Bars

Finish Cigarettes, Collection Foot, Government Atmosphere, Cigarettes Butt, Surprise Criminal, Face Three, Jail Tim, Big Government, Face Jail

Much Ado About Blubber! Why is this conservationist facing a criminal record?

Electric cars are so efficient...until you're accused of stealing electricity.

  • Yelena Zhorsky

    You stealing electricity doesn't change the efficiency of an electric car-- I guess a basic understanding of grammar isn't a requirement for the social media position at Heritage?

  • Lisa Coultas


Felony Shrub-trimming!

He wasn't guilty...but his car was??

There ought not be a law: Kooky codes take aim at oysters, costumes and slingshots

Rep. Louie Gohmert feels "an apology is due” to this DC man.

Meet Geoffrey, official National Cat Day 2013 'MasCAT'

Get me out of here

Hard time.

In Jail for Excessive Cuteness

in jail

My cute rabbit locked up

School says: Let your drunk friends fend for themselves

Jailhouse Rock

Missing freedom

Locked up!!!

Teenage fisherman didn't know he was living dangerously.

Boy behind bars

Being obnoxious and stupid shouldn't be a crime.