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Drawing Conclusions

{FREE} Drawing Conclusions Graphic Organizer

{FREE} Drawing Conclusions Graphic Organizer

DRAWING CONCLUSIONS: When you look at this image, can you decide why the little boy is sticking his tongue out? Write your thoughts in your by lucinda

A book for all things...: 8 for Drawing Conclusions

Get in the Fold!: excellent foldable for getting to know characters in novels.. encourages kids to draw conclusions abour characters based on what is not said explicitly and to site text to support how conclusions were drawn. Not cutesy enough for 2nd grade.. but still a GREAT starting point.

Get in the Fold!: Unfolding the Common Core

After introducing the reading skill of Drawing Conclusions with my free Power Point presentation, use this graphic organizer to help your students ...

Drawing Conclusions Organizer

I DO miss my box of 64 crayons with the sharpener in the box! Drawing Your Own Conclusions by Kelly Basinger

Introduce your students to the difficult reading skill of drawing conclusions with this interactive Power Point presentation. The presentation inc...

Drawing Conclusions Power Point

Encourage your students to draw conclusions using this fun activity! First, cut out the clipart pictures and put them into five different bags - pa...

Drawing Conclusions - Bag Investigation

Use to teach inferencing/drawing conclusions

Draw your own conclusions ----

A book for all things...: 8 for Drawing Conclusions

Drawing Conclusions to Improve Reading Comprehension

Base Word and Endings Drawing Conclusions Making Predictions

Drawing conclusions and cause/effect worksheets

conclusions go

Drawing Conclusions