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Andrea {Frugally Sustainable}

Andrea {Frugally Sustainable}

I am all about the frugal and sustainable! And I write about it

Boho bed canopy - Easy DIY with a large embroidery hoop, several panels of sheer fabric & add some strands of beads if they suit your style.

New life plan- Step one, build room with canopy bed. Step two, add pretty lights and pillows. Step three, never leave.

Flavorful Turkey Pesto Burger made with ground turkey, pesto, cilantro and green onions then topped with mozzarella and tomatoes - moist and delicious!

The convergence of food, water and energy crises could create a 'perfect storm' within about fifteen years. Modelling a range of different scenarios in a NASA-funded study, Motesharri and his colleagues conclude that under conditions “closely reflecting the reality of the world today... we find that collapse is difficult to avoid.”

Fresh Peach Margaritas -- made simple with fresh peaches, these sweet and refreshing drinks are perfect for summer! | #drinks

Slow Cooker Shredded Beef Tacos -- I'll take these any day over chipotle. Easy to make, full of amazing flavor, and this shredded beef is great for leftovers! #mexican #beef

5 Kitchen herbs for cold season - keep this chart on hand!

Kale yeah juice recipe Kale pears green apples lime

Tapestry Lighting & Dreamcather

Virgo facts!

  • Katherine Leighty

    All people keep a part of themselves to themselves! Virgo's though tend to be rather matter of fact, unpretentious like to keep their decor simple yet elegant in a sense very minimalist!

  • Katherine Leighty

    Personality...minds like iron traps...but they need to tap into silly humor so that they might escape the appearance of prim and proper! Love Virgos! triple taurean would you know!

VIETNAMESE SUMMER ROLLS (rice paper rolls): - rice paper - julienned carrot - coriander leaves - shredded lettuce - julienned cucumber - cooked shrimps (split in half) - handful of cooked rice noodles