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Paige Anderberg

Paige Anderberg

LDS. AZ Native. Cooking. Outdoors. Family. Aquarius. Creative. Country.

Read the second paragraph, then look at his grade. I love this! @Patty Markison Markison Markison Cady

Classic fave-Fresh Prince :)

The PocketBand is a silicone band which features a secret pouch for money, keys, or other small belongings. Just turn it inside-out, put the item in the waterproof pocket, flip it back, and wear it! Now,, its easy for you to carry your small belongings when you go for a jog, swim, hit the beach or engage in other activities. Designer: PocketBands

Uses a "wall of water" around around a plate of food to keep it fresh and flies off. Water cuts off when your hand gets near to take an item out.

What a great idea for a safe place to hide in case of intruders. You could even set it up so you could lock yourself in if needed.

Febreze Commercials

I had to repin this : )

{daddy gift from kids}... picture of dad and child in background, adjust opacity... need to decide if to give daddy one every year OR do over the years, save, and give to him when kids are much older

Lily is my homegirl